FlooringHub Free Flooring Samples

Discover How To Get Free & Unlimited Flooring Samples

At FlooringHub, we pride ourselves in providing FREE wood flooring samples straight to your door.

Simply visit the product page, select the flooring you want to sample and click 'Order Free Sample', your sample will arrive within 2-3 working days.

Why Sample Your Flooring?

Before diving into an immediate purchase, re-affirm your confidence in your chosen product through our try before you buy samples.

Physically place your samples around your home, test in different lighting and appreciate the depth, colour and mood your free flooring samples create.

Your flooring is the foundation of your home, it is important to get it right. That’s why our services are dedicated to assist, supply and consult you along the way into finding your perfect flooring.

How To Order Your Free Samples

  1. Find a product you are warming to, visit the product page and select ‘Order Free Sample’, your sample will automatically be added to your shopping cart. You can select as many free samples as you like.
  2. Once you are done selecting your samples. Review your sample order by selecting the shopping cart on the top right corner of your screen and input your delivery details.
  3. Your delivery details will be processed, and your samples will be dispatched and delivered to your chosen address within 2-3 working days.
  4. Your free sample will then arrive at your address, open the package and enjoy your free samples!