Solid Wood Flooring | 5 Great Reasons To Buy

Solid Wood Flooring | 5 Great Reasons To Buy

5 Benefits Of Having Solid Wood Flooring In Your Home

Many home renovators use solid wood flooring as their go-to foundation. Some prefer the classic look of solid wood flooring over carpet or tile, while others simply like that this type of flooring looks great in any space.

This blog will explore the top 5 reasons why solid wood floors and in particular solid oak floors are a good choice for your home. We’ve also included our top 5 solid wood floors for you to explore. First things fist though:


What Is Solid Wood Flooring?

Solid hardwood flooring is simply made from a solid piece of hardwood. The wood is cut straight from the tree trunk and it is nothing but solid wood. A single unique product from top to bottom and side to side and then made into planks of hard wood flooring by a machine. Nothing quite feels like real, solid wood flooring. It is sturdy, feels significant under foot and it maintains its value. This means solid wood flooring is also suitable for areas of very high traffic because it is generally thicker and it can be re-sanded many times during its lifetime.

What is the difference between solid and engineered wood flooring? We’ve talked about solid wood flooring being just that, engineered wood flooring however, has a veneer of solid wood between 1mm to 6mm thick glued onto a sub layer of softwood, plywood or high density fibreboard, to create a composite board, which is more resistant to moisture and temperature than solid wood.


What Are The Benefits Of Solid Wood Flooring?

Low Maintenance

Solid wood flooring when finished has protective layers of either oil or lacquer to help maintain it throughout its lifespan. Solid wood is easily manageable to take care of with a light sweep, or usage of a vacuum cleaner with a suitable hard floor attachment, so is not time-consuming and requires very little effort. As with all floor coverings, clearing up spillages as quickly as possible is paramount to ensuring their longevity. Effective usage of floor mats at entry points to your home will ensure that external debris from shoes is kept outside where it belongs.


Does Solid Oak Flooring Add Value?

Not only does solid wood flooring look great, independent studies have shown that a well looked after wood floor could add an extra 2.5% to the value of your home. You may ask again, do real hardwood floors increase home value?, well we’ve had property developers tell us that our solid wood flooring has not only aided in the selling of their property, but also increased the return on their investment, so if you are looking for a great way to add value, then solid wood flooring is an option you shouldn’t refuse. In our opinion natural wooden flooring is worth the money.


Is Solid Oak Flooring Hard Wearing?

Some species of wood are much harder and therefore more durable than others. We predominantly use oak in our products which is an very durable species of wood for flooring. So, how long does solid natural oak flooring last? As mentioned solid oak floors are generally very durable and if properly maintained will last for decades. Make no mistake, over the years your solid wood floor will scratch and suffer dents. As with everything in the home you will not be able to keep it wrapped in cotton wool and pristine for ever, however the scrapes and knocks oakwood flooring receives gives it character. Every time you visit a stately home, or a castle and see the hardwood oak flooring and paneling, you’ll notice it isn’t perfect. You can see the saw marks of the person who crafted it, you can see the story it has built up over time and if we are to believe all the home buying programs on television, then period features and character sell homes.


Is Solid Wood Flooring Versatile?

We believe this is definitely the case. Solid wood flooring and especially our high quality wood flooring, has a natural elegance with a significant palette of shades, natural markings and textures that add real character to your home. Unlike laminate flooring and LVT flooring which use repeat pattens in their designs, no two boards are the same, making your floor unique. If you are wanting a rustic solid oak flooring appearance or a contemporary look, then this is the perfect flooring to complete your space.

Straight out of the box solid wood flooring is available in a huge variety of different wood species that vary in colour, grain, pattern, strength and cost. You will be able to find solid wood flooring with varying plank sizes and a choice of finishes, or you could opt for unfinished light oak hardwood flooring.

Solid wood can be also be refinished when required rather than being replaced, which is beneficial as it saves you money and reduces waste. With a bit of sanding and refinishing you could transform your space and for example change from a rich coffee coloured floor to a chic grey floor, or leave natural as light solid wood flooring. This longevity means solid wood could last for generations.


Solid Wood Flooring Has A Luxurious Appeal

Solid wood flooring is popular and widely desired as it helps create a luxury wood flooring appeal to your home, so whether you are wanting to impress your guests, make a statement or add value to your space, solid wood flooring is an amazing option for you. Our homes are our pride and joy and solid wood compliments any room, giving a natural element of warmth to your home whilst creating the illusion of a bigger space, which is something we are all wanting. Solid wood is a great way to get your guests talking with its authentic look and quality finish, especially with our excellent oak flooring prices.


Our Top 5 Solid Wood Floors

Langham Brushed & Matt Lacquered Solid Coffee Oak

Keasden Lacquered & Handscraped Solid Golden Oak

Langney Lacquered Solid Natural Oak

Nene Lacquered Solid Grey Birch

Leith Lacquered Solid Acacia Walnut


What Are The Disadvantages Of Solid Wood Flooring?

Some people may say that installing a solid wood floor is very difficult, that you have to nail or staple every board in place, that it takes a long time to do it and should only be done by expensive professional trades people. Ok, lets get this straight. Installing (all) floors takes time, it is not a 5 minute job. The laminate or LVT sales person who boasts that their quick and easy click system is a dream to fit hasn’t told you the full story. Even those easy fitting floors take time. Click systems can be tricky to ease together if you’ve never fitted them before. Like solid wood, laminate and LVT flooring requires boards being cut to fit into your room shape, they require your subfloor to be prepped so that it is reasonable level and bump free, they require you to either remove your skirting boards or fit scotia beading or silicone sealant , they require you to either cut under your door frames so the floor slides under, or cut the floor to shape around the frame to ensure that it is nice and neat before fitting a door threshold. Notwithstanding, unlike laminate LVT, or even some engineered wood floorings, solid wood flooring is generally recommended to be bonded down to a subfloor using a suitable flexible adhesive, and whilst this can leave you with sticky hands at the first attempt you will soon get the hang of it.

Other considerations with solid wood are that it shouldn’t be laid in moisture rich environments or areas with significant temperature fluctuations. This is because solid wood is more susceptible to these conditions which could impair the performance of the floor and it’s longevity.



You’ve made it this far, so your love of solid wood flooring must match ours. We hope you can see the tangible benefits of installing solid wood flooring in your home and that after reviewing our solid oak flooring cost you will soon take the step of purchasing one of our superb floors. If however, you are still a little unsure then our team would be delighted to hear from you. Either call us or, request a call back through the website.

And finally, don’t delay, choose your free samples and start your journey into finding your perfect wood flooring online with FlooringHub, the best place to get wooden floors direct to you home.


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