Can I Order Free Samples Of Your Wood Flooring Products?


Even after you've found the wood flooring that's just right for you - sometimes you just want to see, touch and smell something before you make the decision to buy!

Here at Flooringhub - we get that...
That's why we've developed our own "Free Sample Service".

You can request real-world samples of the flooring materials your trying to choose between - and let's face it, with a product as gorgeous as wood flooring, it can be a tough call sometimes!

To request your free samples, simply find the product (or products) you're interested in and click the big green "Order Free Sample" button you'll find under each product image...

What could be easier?!

All our samples are specially designed to make sure they'll fit through your letter box, so there's no annoying "missed delivery" visits!

For more info on our free sample service, just click here.